2021 Lighting Showreel

Floogals Season 3

I got to be lead lighter in Jellyfish Animation on season 3 of Nevision's Floogals. I love these aliens TOO much. Here are stills from some of my favourite shots

Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed

Production has just finished on Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed at Jellyfish Animation!

I was lucky enough to work in both the Asset and Lighting 

department. Here are a few stills of my assets from some of the episodes so far. I got to do quite a few of Screwtop's inventions!

Showreel 2016


Final Major project for my MA in 3D Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. Loosley based on a southern Nigerian legend, this animation tells the tale of how thunderstorms are made. 


Anna-Maria Glover

Jennifer Routh

Karen Wood

My duties in this project included Environment Design, Environment Creation, Texturing and Compositing.


6 of us students had seven weeks to create this animation about a hapless young skateboarder. 

Here you can see some of the diffuse maps I made for the background elements and secondary character.

The Lost Tractor

My tractor model is back again, and this time it's found itself wondering through a painted land, trying to find it's way home.

All the background elements were painted with acrylic and digitised.